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Surfboards Buyers Guide

There are many different types of surfboards which are suitable for surfing different types of wave and different styles of surfing. Sizes range from 6 foot "fish" to 9-12 longboards (or even longer).

As you learn to surf, you will usually start with one style of surfboard and progress to other styles as you develop your style and preferences and as you realise what works well on your favourite areas.

For this reason, you shouldn't invest too much money in your first surfboard, because you are likely to outgrow it fairly rapidly as you progress.

The length of the board isn't the only size consideration. You should also consider the width. A wider board will be more stable so is good for beginners, but it will be more difficult to turn so will make progressing more difficult later on.

Unfortunately, there is no all-round solution, so you will just have to accept that you will be buying several different boards over your surfing life.

Most beginners start with a mini-malibu, or "minimal", of some type, and many stay with this style, but just opt for different sizes as they develop.


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