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Wave Size: 5ft (1.5m) Length: 6ft (1.8m) Cord Diameter: 9/32'' (7mm) Horn Type: Moulded Swivel: Single Strap: 38mm- Padded Railsaver: Non-detachable Warranty: 12 Months :: Unisex > Surf Accessories
France is the epicentre of the European surf experience and The Stormrider Surf Guide France takes you on an amazing tour of the entire coastline. From Calais to Corsica the best reefs points and beaches are all painstakingly described and large vivid photographs bring the waves to life. The French surf culture and joie de vivre is perfectly captured in this detailed one-of-a-kind guide. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Beautifully presented maps and photos Stormrider surf guide book A must have item for any trip to France Up-to- date. reliable surf information
The Stormrider Surf Guide Indonesia & The Indian Ocean lifts the lid on what many believe are the best waves in the world. Cruise the exotic swell- soaked shores of the Mentawais Bali Sri Lanka and the Maldives then take a voyage of discovery around the isolated islands of the vast Indian Ocean. Stunning photos bring the waves to life and the crucial stats on swell wind tide and weather are just some of the reasons this indispensable surf guide should be top of the packing list. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. A must have item for your surfing trip to Indonesia and the Indian Ocean Up-to- date. reliable surf information Stormrider surf guide book Beautifully presented maps and photos
Cord thickness 7mm Wave size 0-5 feet Single Swivel :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Horn Type: Moulded Strap: 38mm - Padded Railsaver: Non-detachable Wave Size: 7ft Swivel: Single Length: 8ft Diameter: 7mm
Wave Size: 6ft (1.8m) Length: 7ft (2.1m) Cord Diameter: 9/32'' (7mm) Horn Type: Moulded Swivel: Single Strap: 38mm- Padded Railsaver: Non-detachable Warranty: 12 Months :: Unisex > Surf Accessories
Ocean and Earth Surfboard Leashes - Ocean and Earth Regular Blue Comp Leash - 5ft 0 :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Strap: 38mm - 2 x padded Swivel: Double Cord Diameter: 1/4'' (6mm) Wave Size: 3ft (1.0m) Length: 5ft (1.5m) Horn Type: Moulded Railsaver: Detachable Warranty: 6 Months
The first of a three volume set of guides which cherry pick world surf zones allowing surfers to plan their itinerary. Vol 1 focuses on the most famous surfing zones around the planet. Broken into 9 regional chapters the introductions include detailed descriptions of the Oceanography and Meteorology for each regional chapter including when to find the best waves forecasting water temps and tidal info. Each of the 80 zone spreads focus on a particular area and provide accurate wave descriptions a detailed zone map swell wind and water temperature tables plus quick reference pros and cons and an easy to use monthly guide showing when to go. Travel Information includes getting there getting around accommodation food and night life culture climate dangers costs crowds visas equipment and water quality. For more information on which zone each volume covers click the ''Zone Info'' link above right. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Stormrider surf guide book Beautifully presented maps and photos Up-to- date. reliable surf information A must have item for anyone who loves travelling and surfing
The F4 template is one of the most versatile and popular fins that Futures produce. Offering drive and hold when on rail these fins are perfect for the smaller surfer who surfs with power. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Thermotech construction Works well in most conditions Depth: 4.37\\ Base:4.22\\ Front Fins Fin Dimensions: Recommended Rider Weight: 48 - 70Kg Area:14.22\\ Foil: 50/50 Area:14.22\\ Foil: Flat Rear Fins Base:4.22\\ Depth: 4.37\\
Ocean and Earth Surfboard Leashes - Ocean and Earth Longboard Black Regular Leash - 10ft 0 :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. thickness: 7mm Ocean & Earth longboard leash Length: 10 ft Designed for longboard and sup boards Double swivel
Ocean and Earth Surfboard Leashes - Ocean and Earth SUP Coil Leash - 10ft 0 :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Key Pocket: Yes Ocean & Earth Wave size: 6ft Strap: 50mm padded Cord Diameter: 8mm Rail Saver: Detachable
Ocean and Earth Roof Racks - Ocean and Earth Quick Rax Roof Rack - Black :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Extra high EVA foam pads Ocean & Earth roof racks Extremely durable and strong construction UV treated and tested Load: 1-4 shortboards or 2 longboards Includes a reusable carry bag Crafted with rust proof metal with a buckle locking system that covered in neoprene fir additional protection
Dakine Packs - Dakine Waterman Hydration Pack - 2 Litre :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. 70 oz. (2 Litre) water capacity  Watersport specific hydration pack Hydration backpack Mesh side panels Waist and sternum straps Two large external pockets
Large 3 tab fish keel with 50/50 foil provides massive bursts of speed smooth transitions through turns and directional control when trimming down the line. :: Unisex > Surf Accessories. Sweep:32.9° Depth: 5.06... Base: 7.00... Area: 26.15\\ ² Foil:50/50
SLINGSHOT CROSSBREED AIRTECH 11' INFLATEABLE SUP The Slingshoot Crossbreed Airtech 11 foot inflatable Paddleboard is prefect for the backcountry adventures or your local river. The shape and design of this SUP makes it super versatile and user friendly. The wide waist with a slightly rockered nose and tapered tail makes it easy to use in small surf, lakes and streams. The portable design allows you to go and explore your local waters with ease and the package includes most you'll need to get started. KEY FEATURES: * Lightweight, super durable DropStitch construction  * Portable and easy to store- fits in a backpack  * Versatile shape great for kids, dogs, families, beginners, experts, parties  * Hardboard performance- inflates to a firm 15-18psi PACKAGE INCLUDES: * 11’ Crossbreed paddle board * 9” FCSII quick release tool-less fin * Dual action speed pump with pressure gage * Heavy duty backpack * Bow and aft storage bungees * Repair kit TECHNICAL SPEC: * Product size (inflated): 11’ long, 34” wide, 6” thick, volume 331 liters  * Total product weight: Approximately 25 pounds.

Buyers Guide

There are many different types of surfboards which are suitable for surfing different types of wave and different styles of surfing. Sizes range from 6 foot "fish" to 9-12 longboards (or even longer).

As you learn to surf, you will usually start with one style of surfboard and progress to other styles as you develop your style and preferences and as you realise what works well on your favourite areas.

For this reason, you shouldn't invest too much money in your first surfboard, because you are likely to outgrow it fairly rapidly as you progress.

The length of the board isn't the only size consideration. You should also consider the width. A wider board will be more stable so is good for beginners, but it will be more difficult to turn so will make progressing more difficult later on.

Unfortunately, there is no all-round solution, so you will just have to accept that you will be buying several different boards over your surfing life.

Most beginners start with a mini-malibu, or "minimal", of some type, and many stay with this style, but just opt for different sizes as they develop.


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