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Terra Nova Unipod Trekking Pole Lightweight, easy to adjust trekking pole designed with camera mount in the top of the handle for photographers. The Unipod trekking pole is a lightweight, adjustable pole designed for photographers and houses ....
Terra Nova Speed Hike Trekking Poles  Lightweight, easy to adjust poles for nordic walking. Sold as a pair. The Speed Hike poles are lightweight, adjustable poles designed for nordic walking. Terra Nova trekking poles are designed to be as l ....

Buyers Guide

Trekking Poles, or walking poles, are available in a wide range of styles, with a wide range of prices.

There are many features to consider other than the obvious size and style which can demand higher prices.

Most of the features are designed to improve comfort by using clever angles or by using special technology to absorb shocks or cushion the contact.

A very important consideration is the type of terrain over which you will be using the trekking poles. Different tips are used for different terrains. Some are designed to dig into soft terrain to prevent slipping, whilst others are designed for heavy wear on hard surfaces and roads. Using the wrong tip for the terrain can make the trekking poles almost completely useless, so make sure that the pole you choose is suitable for the terrain in which it will be needed.

A lot of poles have interchangeable tips so that you can change the tips for use on different terrains. This gives the greatest versatility.


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