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Road Bikes Buyers Guide

Road bikes, as the name suggests, are designed entirely for road use. Any off-road use is strongly discouraged as it will be incredibly difficult and is likely to damage the bike. Road bikes are not strong enough to withstand the jolts and other excessive forces which off-road bikes take in their stride.

The narrower and smoother tyres of road bikes makes them much faster on the road than an off-road bike could manage. Over the same journey, at the same speed, you will be much more out of breath trying to use an off-road bike on the road instead of using a dedicated road bike.

Most road bikes are specialist speed bikes which are not necessarily designed for comfortable family cycles on a Sunday afternoon. However, others in the category are much more relaxed than "racers" and could be considered to be bordering on hybrid bikes.

Lighter parts and accessories will allow greater speed or greater efficiency but make sure that you aren't sacrificing strength for lighter products.


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