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The Snugpak Travelpak 4 Sleeping Bag, for right-handed campers, is a fantastic 4 season sleeping bag that you can pack down to take with you on your travels and gives you fantastic warmth for cold weather trips with an extreme temperature rating of -10C! The Travelpak sleeping bags offer excellent antibacterial protection in their fabrics and breathability to keep you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable all night long
The Snugpak Softie Elite 5 Sleeping Bag is a 4 season sleeping bag designed for year round use from Spring through to Winter months
The Vaude Serniga 500 Down Sleeping Bag is a highly technical 4 season sleeping bag for the most extreme expeditions Filled with 90/10 white goose down and designed in a mummy shape for maximum insulation this is a seriously warm sleeping bag The classic mummy shape also cuts out unnecessary material reducing pack size weight and bulk Keeping your head warm is an essential element in maintaining body heat The Serniga 500 features a highly insulating snug-fitting hood for this very reason Vaude have also incorporated a drawcord to reduce the hood opening down to a small air hole and an extreme thermal collar to keep out the draughts These are all fantastic features ensuring a warm restful night At the other end of the sleeping bag Vaude have added an innovative foot box A drawcord separates off the final section of the bag reducing the length to suit shorter campers and cutting down the internal volume This foot box space is also a great place to keep clothes and shoes warm and dry overnight there s nothing worse than putting on frozen socks in the morning Another brilliant use for the foot box is as a stuff sack for the rest of the bag - eliminating the need to carry a separate stuff sack Vaude are experienced in the outdoors and have taken all the elements into account for the Serniga 500 As down s insulating properties are reduced if it gets wet the designers have added a water repellent coating to the sleeping bag s outer material One step further Vaude have made the vulnerable head and foot ends waterproof - no more worrying about touching up against condensation-damp tent walls Finally the small zipped inner pocket is a nice extra touch making an ideal pocket for your MP3 player phone or other small essentials If you like to listen to music as you nod off or want to keep anything close to hand this little pocket is perfect Vaude Vaude is a German family-run company who love the outdoors They design and make truly innovative kit that takes into account the demands of extreme nature as well as running their business ethically and with an environmental conscience
With a fantastic warmth to weight ratio small pack size and reasonable price point it is easy to see why the Vango Venom Sleeping Bags have long been incredibly popular for hikers backpackers and Duke of Edinburgh participants alike So it was hard to imagine that they could be improved in anyway that is until Vango decided to upgrade the insulation to use ethically sourced and hydrophobic down with a 700 fill power to keep you warmer for longer by ensuring the duck down stays drier four times longer than untreated down The Vango Venom 400 is a season 3 sleeping bag which has been designed to maximise heat retention to keep you warm and comfortable It has achieved this by combining ergonomic omega shaping box wall construction a 3D adjustable hood a shoulder baffle and insulated zip baffles Furthermore the use of premium down insulation coupled with the Polair reg nylon mini-ripstop fabric shell and lining with water resistant finish all to increase softness and achieve a higher lofting all to offer you an excellent technical performance sleeping bag ideal for mountain athletes trekkers and travellers from springtime right the way through to autumn The Venom 400 includes a roll top dry bag stuffsack to ensure that your sleeping bag remains dry and compact whilst you are travelling and a mesh stuffsack too for storing it away for the next big adventure
The Vaude Serniga 1200 Down Sleeping Bag is made for 4 season extreme activities If you re heading up a mountain in deepest winter - this is the sleeping bag for you Vaude have used 90/10 white goose down as the filling for their Serniga 1200 Goose down is known throughout the outdoor trade for its incredibly effective insulating properties and its ability to pack down small The classic mummy shape helps to make this sleeping bag even warmer by reducing the air volume while cutting down pack size and weight Keeping warm is your number one priority when outdoors and the highly insulating snug hood is a fantastic feature of the Serniga 1200 Use the integrated drawcord to reduce the hood opening to suit your preference - down to just a small air hole if you wish The extreme thermal collar is a real bonus blocking out any final chilly draughts and adding serious comfort to the fit of this sleeping bag At the foot end of the Serniga 1200 you ll notice a drawcord which can be used to separate off the final section This foot box acts to reduce the length of the main sleeping bag perfect for shorter campers Another great use for this compartment is to store clothes and shoes keeping them warm and dry overnight There s nothing more miserable than starting the day wearing frozen clothes and stiff boots The rest of the sleeping bag will also fit perfectly into the foot box meaning there s no need to carry a separate stuff sack As the insulating properties of down are diminished if it gets wet Vaude have added a water resistant coating to the outer fabric of the Serniga 1200 Further still the head and foot ends are waterproof meaning you and your sleeping bag stay dry if you touch up against condensation-damp tent walls in the night A nice extra touch that Vaude have added to this sleeping bag is a small zipped inner pocket near the hood This is perfect for a phone MP3 player or other small essentials keeping them safe and close to hand Vaude Vaude design and make technical highly respected outdoor gear Not only this they are also devoted to ethical and environmentally sound business They partner several organisations that support these values and the Serniga 1200 as well as many of their other products is labelled as bluesign reg This is respected worldwide as the most stringent standard for environmental consumer and workforce protection

Buyers Guide

It's easy to think that a 4 season sleeping bag would be suitable all year. But they will be much too hot in the summer, even a British summer. 4 season sleeping bags are suitable for autumn, winter and early spring. But care should be taken because they are not suitable for extreme conditions.

Sleeping bags also come in 5 season and 6 season varieties, even though there are only 4 seasons. This is just to denote higher levels of extremem endurance that these sleeping bags can withstand. 5+ season sleeping bags should be suitable for extreme environments where specialist equipment is needed.


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