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These large day bags are suitable for all round school bags as they should be able to carry a PE kit on the required days without the need for an extra bag.

When used travelling, these can be used for carrying food and drinks for a couple of people, or maybe a small group. So this may be a cheaper option than buying a smaller bag each. This has the advantage that you can take it in turns to carry it.

Due to the weight and prolonged use, comfort is important, so look for comfort features and the ability to easily adjust the straps as it may need to be adjusted each time it's a new person's turn to carry it.

The material thickness could be important if it is likely to be thrown around a lot, or if it is likely to be carrying heavy drinks or other items. Material thickness of 300-400D should suffice for most reasonable uses. If you think the bag is going to be thrown around a lot, invest in a thicker material.


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