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Tufo Tub Tape for Road Wheels Tyres

Tufo Tub Tape for Road Wheels   Tyres

Tufo Tub Tape for Road Wheels Tyres

The Extreme tape is plastic backed and pressure activated. It is very easy to fit, but difficult to remove from the tub. The tape is excellent for tough applications like track sprints or cyclocross use. However, Tufo only guarantee proper adhesion of their own tubs, due to the fact that other manufacturers use the old-fashioned method of stitching (which reduces the contact surface) and some also treat the base tape. Tufo's Tub Tape (see image below) Tufo have developed special double sided tubular gluing tape for installing on their own tubulars on any tubular rim. This tape is very different from all the similar products on the market. When using the tape, installation of the tubular is fast, safe and very clean. Right after the installation, your wheels are ready for riding, no need to wait for the glue to set. 1. The tape consists of a few layers, every layer has its function with its own specific rim side and tyre side. 2. Active white strip on the tyre side is absorbed into the tubular base tape resulting in a perfect tubular rim bond. 3. Due to the protective plastic film, the tubular is easily installed and centred on the rim. The film is pulled out from underneath the tubular after installation.

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