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2011 Campagnolo Record 11-speed Chain

2011 Campagnolo Record 11-speed Chain

2011 Campagnolo Record 11-speed Chain

Campagnolo Ultra Drive 11-Speed Chains. -For use with 11-speed drive trains only -Use chain tool for 11-speed Item Specifications Color: Silver/Black Weight: 242g Width: 5.5mm Links: 114links Number of Speeds: 11-Speed Chain Compatibility: Campagnolo 11 Defined Color: Silver

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Bike ChainCampagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Bike Chain [more info...]£51.29Cyclestore

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THE ENGINE OF THE 11-SPEED DRIVETRAIN IS THE CHAIN. IT HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO ELIMINATE ALL FRICTION WITH THE SPROCKETS ADJACENT TO THOSE IN OPERATION.A special treatment ensures smoothness. We have reduced the width of the chain to 5.5 millimetres with the new spacing and a new material has been envisaged for the outer links. The pins are hollow inside to reduce the weight while maintaining strength. It is necessary to use tool UT-CN300 to fit it. The Ni-PTFE treatment ensures smoothness and long life. The Ultra-Linkâ„¢ fastening system guarantees strength and operation with the new 11-speed sprockets.width 55 mm - Ni-PTFE Finish - 114 links - requires Ultra-Linkâ„¢ for 11s chain - lightened links - hollow pins - 11s outer link - new material for outer linkwidth 5.5 millimetres Ultra-Linkâ„¢ fastening system external links in special new steel Ni-PTFE anti-friction treatment hollow pins 2.12g / link 255g [Full Details]
Campagnolo Record 11x ChainCampagnolo Record 11x Chain [more info...]£51.3Cyclestore

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True to Campagnolo’s reputation of engineering prowess the Campagnolo Record 11-speed chain offers a smooth fluid and quiet shift that lasts and minimises drivetrain friction thanks to a reduced chain width of just 5.5 mm and the Ni-PTFE anti-friction coating. Due to the hollow pin construction the weight of the chain has been decreased significantly while strength has been maintained. The enhanced efficiency and advanced anti-friction treatment of this chain will mean a longer life for your chainrings and sprockets. Highly engineered materials and construction methods make the Record 11-speed chain one of the most resistant and long lasting of any in the Campagnolo range. Technical Specifications: Suitable for any Campagnolo 11-speed Groupset 114 Links 5.5mm wide Ultra Link System for top-level fluidity high strength chain connection greater safety and longer chain life Silver colour External links constructed from a special new steel Advanced Nickel-PTFE anti-friction treatment for reduced friction smooth pedalling quiet operation greater efficiency and longer chain life Hollow pins Requires the Campagnolo Ultralink UT-CN300 Chain Tool for installation Weight: 227g (based on 108 links) / 2.10g per link [Full Details]
Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain, SilverCampagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain, Silver [more info...]£56Chain Reaction Cycles

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This 11 Speed Chain from Campagnolo has been engineered to provide a smooth, frictionless performance whether you're hitting the tarmac or trails. [Full Details]
Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain - SilverCampagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain - Silver [more info...]£56Wiggle

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Professional riders are the everyday testing ground for Campagnolo chains made for Record 11x and Super Record 11x groups. This chain is also used on the Super Record groupset. [Full Details]

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