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This size of bag is for the serious traveller with a lot of items to carry. If you are not camping for extended periods, you would struggle to justify such a large bag.

This size is ideal for long outdoor expeditions where you will need to take a lot of items with you. But be aware that this size is going to be very heavy. Make sure that both you and the bag is strong enough. 600D material thickness will be fine for occasional use but you shouldn't rely too heavily on any bags below 900D material thickness if you want it to last a long time over long expeditions.

Strong waist straps and maybe additional supporting straps and tensioners will help to dissipate the load adequately around your body. Make sure that buckles and clasps are strong and rugged as they will need to take a lot of strain.

When packing a large rucksack like this, ensure that as much of the weight as possible is close to your back. This will aid comfort and manoeuvrability.


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