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Rucksacks with detachable sections are a great all-round solution which eliminates the usual need for separate bags. You have a main rucksack for carry your belongings between travel locations, and a daysack and/or bumbag for carrying smaller items, food and drinks around with you during the day whilst leaving your main bag at your camping site, hotel or hostel.

These bags come in many sizes so you should consider your size requirements carefully. When travelling between locations, the daysack section effectively becomes just another pocket of the main rucksack, so consider the total capacity for your travelling needs, but also the daysack capacity for your day to day needs. don't just assume that a large rucksack means a large daysack, look at the capacities and decide what you need.

Large rucksacks will need waist straps or other additional support straps to help distribute the load adequately. Also consider separate compartments or additional pockets to allow easy access to important items. You don't want to be searching around in the large main compartment for your passport while the border guard is waiting.

Some rucksacks may use a different material thickness on the main rucksack to the detachable daysack. Make sure that these thicknesses are suitable for the different requirements of the component parts. Your main rucksack will need to be strong to carry all the heavy items, but your daysack is likely to be used all day.


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