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This is a simple nylon pulley that can be easily installed on a carabiner for occasional or emergency use. [Full Details]
Clip this Cup Holder to your Helinox chair and you’ll always have your beverage close to hand. Simple to attach, it offers secure storage for your morning brew and evening beer alike. [Full Details]
Aluminium side plates and nylon sheave give an excellent strength to weight ratio and make the Oscillante ideal for emergency situations like crevasse rescue. [Full Details]
The Fixe is a strong, light and compact pulley designed for use in a hauling system. [Full Details]
There’s nothing quite like relaxing on the beach as the sun goes down. Thanks to this groundsheet, you can do so from the comfort of your Chair One without sinking into the sand. Attaching to the chair’s feet, it provides a wide base to counter the soft ground. Lightweight and packable, the leg pockets and frame attachments make setting up easy. [Full Details]
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From Backcountry Edge
New for 2014! Featuring the same collapsible pole technology found in many backpacking tents, the Helinox Ground Chair is compact, lightweight and strong. Utilizing durable DAC aluminum single-pole construction and breathable mesh, the Ground Chair weighs just 1.2 pounds and packs down to 12' x 6' x 6'. Despite the lightweight construction, the Ground Chair can support up to 320 pounds. Each Helinox Ground Chair includes a zippered storage sack. HGCHAIR [Full Details]
The Micro Traxion is an exceptionally efficient, ultralight progress-capture device. It will work with dirty or icy ropes, and can be locked in open position for use as a simple pulley. [Full Details]
If you want comfort without a weight sacrifice, then choose the Chair One. It features an innovative DAC aluminium frame which is light, durable, and incredibly easy to assemble. With a small pack size, it’s a perfect choice for backpacking, camping, touring and more. [Full Details]

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