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Cycling Buyers Guide

What sort of cycling do you intend to do?

Will you just be riding on the road? Or will you be riding off-road? Or will you be doing a bit of both?

A road bike will be terrible off-road, and an off-road bike will be slow and difficult on the road. You could get 2 bikes, one for the road and one for off-road. Or, if you can manage with a compromise, hybrid bikes offer enough strength and versatility for off-road use, without hindering road use too much.

There has always been a big market for lightweight cycling parts and accessories, but you must also consider the strength and durability too. Off-road users will require strength more than lightness. Sacrificing strength for a lightweight product usually leads to regrets.

Road bike users can be a little more relaxed about then strength of their parts and accessories than off-road cyclists, just because the bikes aren't going to be as abused. However, it is still important to take the strength and quality into consideration. The lightest/cheapest item is unlikely to last very long under any conditions.


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