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Security Buyers Guide

Security whilst you are travelling is paramount. Not only your personal security, but your belongings too.

You should always have comprehensive travel insurance and carry medical insurance documents (or EHIC card) with you.

Tourists are prime targets for theft all over the world, there aren't really any safe areas. Some are just more hazardous than others. Always use lockable luggage and if your bag is fabric, it is a target for slashing. Pacsafe (and similar) products are expensive but a very good deterrent against bag slashing and bag theft. The wire mess covers your bag, either whilst you are wearing it or whilst it is alone, which should prevent anything short of bolt cutters getting into your bag. The integral wire cord allows your bag to be attached to any immovable item or fixture meaning that it can't simply be picked up and stolen.

Given the choice of struggling to steal from your heavily protected bag compared to a less prepared fellow traveler, any intelligent thief would choose the easier option.

Wallets are easier pickings for even a modestly talented pickpocket, so body wallets and money belts hide your money and important documents under you clothes to make it almost impossible for a pickpocket to gain access.

Take care of your personal safety with personal attack alarms.


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