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You can search through our price comparing database to find the cheapest of 578,524 camping, outdoor and travel products from all over the internet. You can book 16,697 hostels in Europe online and you can find information about 19,568 camping sites in Europe . Please note that we do not own or run any of the camping sites or hostels advertised.

This week's most popular products Rab Infinity Men's Down Jacket (QDN-34)
Product image of Rab Infinity Men's Down Jacket (QDN-34)
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Maru Kids Yankee Silicone Swim Hat Swimming Caps
Product image of Maru Kids Yankee Silicone Swim Hat   Swimming Caps
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Trezeta Maya II NV Men's Walking Boots
Product image of Trezeta Maya II NV Men's Walking Boots
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Sunncamp Ultima 390 Fitted Groundsheet
Product image of Sunncamp Ultima 390 Fitted Groundsheet
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Discuss camping sites, hostels, products and locations on Interhike

Interhike has added the ability to discuss all of the features on the website with other visitors. You can ask questions about camping sites, leave comments about hostels, give advice about products, and travel advice about tourist locations.

... more

New summer discount codes

Don't miss out on extra discounts this summer! Interhike has the latest discount codes to get up to 13% off displayed prices.

This is on top of our standard price comparison system which lets you find the cheapest place to buy your camping... more

4 new countries added to Interhike

We've now added Albania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Serbia to our lists of European camping sites and hostels. We're still working on getting them onto the maps properly, but you can browse through them all already.

We aim to 3 more count... more

Free guaranteed next day delivery for Christmas at Extreme Pie

Now here's a brilliant idea from the great people at Extreme Pie. We've all got a few presents that we've left till the last minute and with "last posting days" pretty much upon us, Extreme Pie have announced that all orders ... more

Interhike exclusive Prague Calendar

With calendars of the Eastern European cities so hard to come by in the UK, Interhike have started creating our own. This time, we are announcing our exclusive Prague calendar. No longer do you have to travel all the way to Prague to get the lates... more

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