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The Petzl Ascension Left is the handled rope clamp for rope ascents. The Petzl Ascension Left features an overmolded grip and ergonomic upper part for a comfortable and powerful grip when pulling with one or two hands. The handled rope clamp has a wide lower hole for easily attaching two carabiners for a lanyard and footloop.

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Petzl Ascension Left HandPetzl Ascension Left Hand [more info...]£50.99Ellis Brigham

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With ergonomic, moulded grips, this ascender is simple and comfortable to use. The wide, supportive base ensures powerful grips for increased rope ascending efficiency. [Full Details]
Petzl Ascension Ascender Black (Left Hand)Petzl Ascension Ascender Black (Left Hand) [more info...]£51.00Cotswold Outdoor

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The Ascension Ascender from Petzl is a handled ascender that provides a positive grip on a single kernmantle ropes between 8-13mm diameter. It features an ergonomically moulded grip handle which allows a comfortable yet powerful grip, it is also wide enough that it can be used when wearing thick gloves and a wide lower hole is perfect for attaching two carabiners for a lanyard and footloop. There is a safety catch which is fully integrated into the body of the ascender which helps to reduce any snagging and the toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimises performance under a huge range of conditions, even with dirty or frozen ropes.Available in left or right hand versions. [Full Details]

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