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Hybrid bikes are the ideal compromise between road and off-road bikes. They are suitable for use over reasonable off-road terrain, without losing too much efficiency when used on the road.

They can be considerably cheaper than buying two separate bikes, one for the road and one for off-road. But hybrids will not be as good as the dedicated version on either terrain. Don't expect miracles, because they are a compromise, not an all-round solution.

A few hybrid bikes may have front suspension which can make the ride much more comfortable for off-road use, but will add to the weight. This will mean decreased efficiency and speed on the road. If you are considered a front suspension hybrid bike, it would need to be used so heavily in favour of off-road use, that you'd be better off buying an off-road bike anyway.

Be very careful if trying to buy lightweight accessories because you must also ensure that they will be strong enough for off-road use.


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