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MET Crossover Cycle Helmet-52-59cm-Yellow/Black

MET Crossover Cycle Helmet-52-59cm-Yellow/Black

MET Crossover Cycle Helmet-52-59cm-Yellow/Black

Met CrossoverIf you've ever ridden a mountain bike or flat handlebarred bike wearing a non-peaked road bike helmet you might have wished you had that extra protection from branches, sunlight, mud or rain. If you've ever ridden a drop-barred bike with a peaked helmet you probably wished you had a masseuse waiting at the end of your ride to give your sore neck a rub.Lots of people ride more than one bike or ride the same bike in different situations, so you could have a different helmet for each scenario or you could kill three birds with a handfull of gravel and use one helmet that converts from a road style lid to an off-road and leisure type affair. How is this astonishing transformation achieved? By making the peak removable, that's how.Is that all there is too it? Well, no. There are other helmets with removable peaks, but the Crossover does it better by incorporating the peak anchors into where the strap mechanism fits to the helmet rather than going into the helmet shell seperately, resulting in a much neater finish with no extra visible holes in the helmet shell when the peak is removed.The versatility of peak removal is a wonderful thing, but that's not the only great feature of the Crossover. Being a Met helmet, it also includes other beneficial design elements such as the anti-insect net that sits behind the front air vents and keeps nasty winged beasties out of your barnet, or the small LED light that's built in to the rear adjusting strap for extra visibility.All in all a very good value and well though out helmet that tops the versatility charts by making itself appeal to road, off-road and commuting riders all at the same time. Since most people are all three of those rider types rolled into one, the Crossover turns versatility into excellent value for money.Sizing is universal and adjusts to fit head sizes from 52 to 59cm. Check your size by measuring the head circumference horizontally at it's widest point, just above the ears.

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