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ORRO Oxygen 105, Racing Quattro, Road Bike-Large

ORRO Oxygen 105, Racing Quattro, Road Bike-Large

ORRO Oxygen 105, Racing Quattro, Road Bike-Large

Oxygen 105, Racing Quattro, Road BikeOrro know how important it is to have a bike that you can rely on to perform in a variety of conditions. Whether you are embarking on your target sportive, your local road rides or tackling your fast paced commute you can trust the Oxygen to excel across them all.This is a road bike with speed at its heart but this is in equilibrium with comfort. The lightweight 999g frame combines with the oversized BB30 bottom bracket to provide excellent power transfer. This equates to a spritely ride up any of your local climbs with reduced fatigue as your ride progresses. The tapered head-tube provides you with confidence inspiring steering feel so you can really enjoy the corners.The balanced head tube length and all-round geometry are designed to provide comfort and performance for a variety of different rides including regular commuting, mid-length rides and those times when you want to go ‘long’ for that big event.You want a bike that you enjoy riding every time to you take it out. Wider tyres are obviously more comfortable and you can run them at slightly lower pressures providing excellent grip. Now new research shows that 25 and 28mm bicycle tyres are faster rolling than the traditional 23mm road width too. You get more comfort, grip and speed! With the Oxygen you can have the benefits of 25 and 28mm tyres as it has a specifically designed fork and frame which works with standard drop brakes but they fit up to 28mm tyres.The correct riding feel is hugely important to your cycling performance. The Oxygen has a proprietary blend of 20, 40 and 60 Ton carbon fibres. The 20T carbon fibre is used in several areas of the bike where comfort and flexibility are key such as the seat-stays and seat tube, which absorb more high frequency vibrations before they reach you. The higher 40T and 60T carbon fibres add stiffness in areas of the frame where forces must be transferred effectively such as the head tube to ensure responsive handling, and the down-tube, bottom bracket and chain stays to transmit your power without loss to the road.

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