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HIGH-5 Energy Source Tropical Jar 2.2Kg

HIGH-5 Energy Source Tropical Jar 2.2Kg

HIGH-5 Energy Source Tropical Jar 2.2Kg

EnergySourceAdvanced 2:1 fructose sports drink for general training & racing.EnergySource is a new generation sports drink for use during exercise. It contains a carbohydrate formulation of maltodextrin and fructose in a ratio of 2:1 and key electrolytes. Many of the world’s leading event organisers and Pro athletes choose award-winning EnergySource for success in the toughest endurance events.Research suggests that you should consume a maximum of 60g carbohydrate per hour from traditional sports drinks. The recommended intake for new generation Energy Source with 2:1 fructose can be substantially higher at up to 90grams/ hour. The ingredients in EnergySource help sustain performance during tough endurance events and help maintain hydration by enhancing the absorption of water.The electrolyte level in EnergySource should be adequate for most race conditions. However, when sweat rates are very high, we recommend adding a High5 ZERO Neutral tab to every 500ml of EnergySource to boost the electrolyte content further.

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