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The Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Blanket is a piece of equipment that you are going to want to have around if you are doing any sort of outdoor activity. This potentially life-saving piece of equipment is very cheap in price and could help you out of a very sticky situation, and it's small and compact so that it can be kept in the bottom of your bag until/if you need it. The Adventure accessory is made from a strong and durable vacuum-metallized polyethylene that will reflect 90% of your body heat which will keep you warm, making it way better than the traditional Mylar blankets. The Emergency Blanket's durable material will not shred if it is nicked or punctured and rips and tears can easily be repaired by using duct tape. The material on the Adventure Emergency Blanket is quiet and won't crinkle in high winds and its high-visibility orange colour means that you can be seen to other people or rescuers. You can also use this blanket as a ground cloth, gear cover, first aid blanket, and much more. Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Blanket Features The Legendary durability means it resists tears and will not shed like Mylar blankets Headsheets material is waterproof and windproof It reflects 90% of radiated body heat to stay warm It's a true ultra-light multifunction back country tool that has a wide range of uses Easily repairable with duct tape Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Blanket Specifications Material: Heatsheets SOL Size:1411mm x 2117mm (1person) Weight: 209oz Ideal Uses: Alpine/rock climbing, mountain/road biking, off roading, paddlesports, emergency prep " [Full Details]
For use in developing countries and areas where safe, hygienic medical equipment might be difficult to acquire. The Mini Sterile Kit is designed to be handed to a qualified medical person ensuring that they have immediate access to very basic sterile equipment. All contents are manufactured to european quality standards and carry the Ce mark.Contains 14 items [Full Details]
Designed with racing events in mind, the compact Light and Dry Nano first aid kit includes 16 items, allowing you to treat common minor running ailments on the go. Combining lightweight fabrics with a space-saving design, the kit weighs just 95 grams. For wet weather protection, the items are stored in a waterproof inner bag. [Full Details]

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