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The Hilo 250 Sleeping Bag from Regatta is a 2-3 season mummy shaped sleeping bag that has a soft touch lining and a single layer stitch through construction to keep you comfortable while sleeping The Hilo 250 also features an insulated zip baffle and shoulder baffle to minimise heat loss and retain body heat while this sleeping bag also has an internal pocket to keep valuables close and a compression stuff sack to make transportation and storage nice and easy making this a great sleeping bag for summer camping and for sleep overs
With the NanoWave 45 Sleeping Bag you now have an ultra-lightweight compact sleeping bag at your disposal. Weighing in at just 822 grams, when packed down this sleeping bag will fit in any daypack.
The Snugpak Softie Elite 3 Sleeping Bag is a 3 season sleeping bag designed for use from Spring through to Autumn months
The Vaude Ice Peak 150 Down Sleeping Bag is ideal for 3 season camping This modern technical sleeping bag is designed in a mummy shape and filled with 90/10 grey duck down The streamlined mummy shape that tapers down towards the feet reduces the volume inside the bag This makes for a close cosy fit and reduces air circulation to maximise insulation Mummy shaped sleeping bags also pack down small with as little bulk and weight as possible Down is highly regarded as offering superior warmth when compared weight-for-weight with synthetic fillings and pack size vs pack size By filling the Ice Peak 150 with 150g 650 cuin of grey duck down Vaude have created a very warm sleeping bag for Spring Autumn and Winter expeditions One of the most important areas of your body to keep warm is your head The top of the Ice Peak 150 features a close-fitting hood with a highly adjustable opening and extreme thermal collar - ideal for blocking out draughts and keeping heat in At the opposite end of the Ice Peak 150 Vaude have incorporated an innovative foot box The end section of the sleeping bag can be used as part of the whole or separated off using a drawcord This is a great way of shortening the bag and reducing the internal volume to suit your height Alternatively you can use this area to keep your clothes or shoes dry and warm as you rest A final bonus of the foot box is that the rest of the sleeping bag stuffs neatly into it meaning you don t have to carry a separate stuffsack Dampness can affect the insulating properties of down and the water repellent coating that Vaude have added to the outer fabric is a fantastic feature They ve even gone further and thought about the most vulnerable areas of the sleeping bag making the head and foot ends from waterproof material Should you stretch in the night and touch wet tent walls you and your sleeping bag will stay warm and dry A nice final extra feature of the Vaude Ice Peak 150 is a small zipped internal pocket incorporated at the head end This is perfect for a phone MP3 player or small essentials keeping them safe and close to hand Vaude Vaude are respected by outdoor enthusiasts as experts in outdoor gear They pack their kit with ingenuity and experience offering exceptional products for the outdoors Something we especially like about this family run company is their dedication to environmentally sensitive business As well as partnering several organisations promoting environmental causes many of their products including the Ice Peak 150 are backed by bluesign reg This is the most stringent standard for environment consumer and workforce protection in the world
The down-filled Venom 300 Sleeping Bag from Vango is a superb season 2-3 luxury sleeping bag that is lightweight incredibly warm and easy to carry The Venom 300 has the very best down resulting in a comfortable snug finish and has been has been updated with a new nylon ripstop fabric with water resistant finish for increased softness and higher lofting This combination makes the Venom 300 a luxurious bag that has been made to the highest quality and ideal for the long distance backpacker adventure racer or athlete
The Vaude Ice Peak 400 Down Sleeping Bag is designed for the extreme outdoors This technical 3 season sleeping bag has a water resistant polyamide outer and is filled with 90/10 grey duck down By using down instead of synthetic filling the Ice Peak 400 makes the most of a very highly regarded material Weight-for-weight down is much warmer than synthetic filling and also packs down smaller The mummy shape of the Ice Peak 400 is the classic sleeping bag design This body-hugging bag tapers towards the feet and is very thermal efficient by minimising the volume inside This shape also cuts down the amount of material used so the sleeping bag is as lightweight and compact as possible Continuing with the design features Vaude have incorporated let s start at the top of the Ice Peak 400 We all know that it is essential to keep your head warm when on expeditions and the snug close-fitting hood makes a real difference at night But there are more features at the head-end of the sleeping bag that make it a great choice for outdoor adventures A thermal collar and highly adjustable opening reducing the hood opening to just a small air hole if you wish work together to block out draughts and really maximise the heat retained inside You ll be so cosy that you ll never want to get out of your Ice Peak 400 A lovely bonus at this end of the sleeping bag is the small zipped internal pocket It is ideal for storing your MP3 player if you like to listen to music at night a phone or other small essentials This little feature is a great example of how much thought Vaude have put into every element of using their highly technical sleeping bag Moving down the Ice Peak 400 to the foot end there are a few innovative details to notice The incorporated foot box that Vaude have added is unusual and can be used in many ways The very end section of the sleeping bag can be separated from the rest using a drawcord In this way you are able to shorten the bag adjusting it to your height and reducing the volume Another use of the foot box is to store clothes or shoes overnight keeping them warm dry and ready for the next day Finally by stuffing the rest of the sleeping bag into this separate section when you break camp you are able to leave your stuff sack at home and carry less with you It is important to keep your down sleeping bag dry as moisture can reduce the effectiveness of its insulating properties To help you out Vaude have added a water repellent coating to the Ice Peak 400 s outer fabric Better still the head and foot ends are made from waterproof material This is great news if you brush up against condensation-damp tent walls in the night Vaude Vaude are a German family run business as well as respected experts in outdoor gear Adventurers love them because of their ingenuity and attention to detail in every piece of kit they make Further still Vaude are devoted to ethically and environmentally sound business They partner several organisations that promote these causes and many of their products such as the Ice Peak 400 are supported by bluesign reg approval This is recognised and respected as the strictest standard for environment consumer and workforce protection
The Vaude Arctic 450 Primaloft Sleeping Bag is a fantastic piece of kit for 3 season camping This high end sleeping bag is filled with synthetic high performance Primaloft Black High loft Unlike down this filling will keep you warm even when wet making it ideal for unpredictable weather conditions The baffle construction of the Primaloft filling also minimises cold spots while maximising insulation Vaude have designed the Arctic 450 in a mummy shape tapering towards the feet This reduces the amount of air circulating around you and makes for a warmer sleep It also cuts down the pack size of the sleeping bag minimising bulk and weight The snuggly hood at the top prevents heat loss from your head allowing you to adjust the opening right down to just a small air hole It also features an extreme warmth collar with anatomical fit to prevent draughts and keep the warmth in At the other end of the Arctic 450 is a foot box This extra section is separated from the main sleeping bag with a drawcord allowing you to shorten the bag to your height if you wish You can keep clothes or shoes dry and warm in this section and the whole sleeping bag will also pack into it eliminating the need to carry a separate stuffsack A really great feature of this sleeping bag is that the two ends are made from waterproof material This ensures that you and your bag stay dry and cosy should you brush up against wet tent walls Finally a small zipped internal pocket is great for an MP3 player phone or other small essentials Listen to music and keep valuable safe as you sleep Vaude Vaude are recognised as market leaders in innovative outdoor gear They are a family run business who specialise is highly technical kit for all kinds of adventures Something we really love about this company is their dedication to ethical and environmentally sensitive business and they partner several organisations dedicated to these causes
With a fantastic warmth to weight ratio small pack size and reasonable price point it is easy to see why the Vango Venom Sleeping Bags have long been incredibly popular for hikers backpackers and Duke of Edinburgh participants alike So it was hard to imagine that they could be improved in anyway that is until Vango decided to upgrade the insulation to use ethically sourced and hydrophobic down with a 700 fill power to keep you warmer for longer by ensuring the duck down stays drier four times longer than untreated down The Vango Venom 400 is a season 3 sleeping bag which has been designed to maximise heat retention to keep you warm and comfortable It has achieved this by combining ergonomic omega shaping box wall construction a 3D adjustable hood a shoulder baffle and insulated zip baffles Furthermore the use of premium down insulation coupled with the Polair reg nylon mini-ripstop fabric shell and lining with water resistant finish all to increase softness and achieve a higher lofting all to offer you an excellent technical performance sleeping bag ideal for mountain athletes trekkers and travellers from springtime right the way through to autumn The Venom 400 includes a roll top dry bag stuffsack to ensure that your sleeping bag remains dry and compact whilst you are travelling and a mesh stuffsack too for storing it away for the next big adventure
The NATO Approved Carinthia Defence 4 is the most popular and best selling all-round sleeping bag with excellent weight to stuff size and performance ratio. It is well established, 3 season sleeping bag that has proven to be 100% reliable on ....

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3 season sleeping bags probably have the longest usage range of any season rating. They are suitable for British summers, although may be too hot if the weather gets nice. And they can be used during the Easter period as well as late autumn.

They are not to be recommended for use during the winter, and definitely not in extreme weather conditions in mountainous or arctic areas.


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