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Keep your hydration clean with theCamelbak Bite Valve Cover! Designed specifically to maintain and preserve the Big Bite Valve, this patented cover keeps dirt and grime at bay promoting a long-lasting efficient performance. Wherever your ride takes you, you can't always guarantee it'll be on clean terrain. This Camelbak Accessory has been created from durable yet flexible silicone in a one-piece design for long-lasting use and easy maintenance. Grime and bacteria can breed anywhere with the right conditions, which is why you need to protect your valve from erosion over time and protect your health through clean hydration. Simply pop the Bite Valve Cover over the valve when on particularly muddy trails or when you're storing it away for a while. The cover will keep your valve grime-free and prolong its performance. Versatile, this cover is compatible with Hydrolink and Ergo Hydrolock components for your convenience. Camelbak are so confident about this product that they've backed it with a lifetime guarantee to ensure you get the most out of it. Stay hydrated and stay safe with theCamelbak Bite Valve Cover! Camelbak Bite Valve Cover Features Material: Silicone One-piece design Compatible with Hydrolink and Ergo Hydrolock components Lifetime guarantee Easy to use " [Full Details]
Enjoy the freedom of hands-free hydration with theCamelbak Big Bite Valve! Hydration is integral, it boosts performance and keeps your body from burning out, but there's nothing worse than having to constantly stop to replenish lost fluids. Camelbak's patented Big Bite is simple to install and created from durable materials in a simple, yet effective one-piece design, resulting in a longer life, better performance and increased durability. Simply put the valve in your mouth, gently bite down and sip, it's as simple as that. There's no need to stop and no need to even take your hands off the bar. Once you've replenished all you have to do is release the valve from your mouth which self-seals to eliminate irritating drips and leakages. This valve delivers maximum pure flow straight into your mouth, there are no irritating blockages, no restriction and you get double the flow than other hydration manufacturers have to offer. Camelbak are so confident in the performance of the Big Bite that they have backed it with a lifetime guarantee to ensure you receive the highest-performance possible. Enjoy hydration without having to compromise on performance with theCamelbak Big Bite Valve! Camelbak Big Bite Valve Features Material: Silicone One-piece design Self-sealing when not in use Easy installation Big Bite technology [Full Details]
The Camelbak Ergo Hydrolock has been ergonomically designed with a 90-degree bend allowing the Big Biteâ„¢ Valve to be perfectly positioned for drinking. With a simple flip, the on/off mechanism can be activated or shut off as you need. With its simple yet effective design the Ergo Hydrolock prevents water from leaking out so you benefit from maximum hydration! Camelbak Ergo HydrolockFeatures Shut-off valve lets you control liquid flow Turn on when you need it, off when you don't 90-degree bend perfectly positions the Big Biteâ„¢ Valve for easy drinking [Full Details]

Hydration Rucksack Accessories Buyers Guide

Hydration rucksacks come in many varieties. Some, just provide a small compartment for a drinks bladder and nothing else. Others also provide addditional storage space for other items, such as food, maps, etc.

However, others are a complete rucksack in themselves with a small section devoted to the drinks bladder.

Because of this, you should carefully consider your requirements before choosing a hydration rucksack. Will you need to carry anything else at all? And if so, how much? Will you need to take a good quantity of food or will you just be stopping off at restaurants and cafes if you get hungry while you are out?

This category also contains all of the accessories and replacement parts for hydration rucksacks, so if you can't see the complete units on the first page, click through to the subsequent pages.


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