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Castelli Body Paint 3.3 Speed Suit Skin Suits

Castelli Body Paint 3.3 Speed Suit   Skin Suits

Castelli Body Paint 3.3 Speed Suit Skin Suits

From the Secret Speed Labs Castelli's speed suit project is permanently open and evolving, and theyテつbelieve that they'reテつgoing to continue to seesignificant gains over the coming years. The Body Paint 3.3 version is the result of CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) modeling followed by extensive pattern engineering and fabric research, then further testing in the wind tunnel and out on the road for real world feedback. For 2016 Castelli haveテつbeen back in the wind tunnel and found a few extra watts of savings from a new construction in the leg and a new fabric in the yoke. Someday, somewhere, thatテ「竄ャ邃「s going to make the difference between first and second place. Progetto X2テつAir Seatpad Maximum technology for supreme comfort; The Progetto X2 utilises ventilating perforations to keep you cooler and dryer on endurance road rides. The design allows air and moisture to flow directly to the surface fabric for quick evaporation. The shape of the pad has received minor updates based on pro feedback. The Progetto X2テつAir seatpad is constructed in 3 layer components, each dedicated to a specific purpose to create the most comfortable seat pad on the planet. 1. Skin care layer: A four-way stretch, microdenier, seamless, bacteriostatic layer made to adapt to the shape of your body and saddle without any folds in the fabric. 2. Seamless integrated technology cushioning layer: Multi-density foam with infinitely variable thickness. The thickness of the pad is engineered to place the padding where you need it most for maximum comfort. 3. Viscous comfort inserts: Perforated viscous padding is added under the highly sensitive ishial and perineum pressure areas.

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