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WD40 Multi-Use Aerosol Spray - 250ml Lube

WD40 Multi-Use Aerosol Spray - 250ml   Lube

WD40 Multi-Use Aerosol Spray - 250ml Lube

A massive help to anyone who works with steel and metal parts, WD40 Multi-Use Aerosol Spray has the same make-up as it did when it was created over 60 years ago, and continues to be a lifesaver amongst amateur and professional repair people. Highly protective against rust and corrosion, it penetrates deep in to stuck and stiffened parts, gets rid of unwanted moisture and lubricates to a high-degree. Capable of getting rid of grime and dirt from most surfaces as well, it has a great cleaning functionality along with its part-preserving qualities. Nowadays equipped with a Smart Straw attachment for precise and focused application, this is a lubricant that will undoubtedly stand the test of time by making your parts do exactly the same.

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