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Speedplay Zero Stainless Pedals Clip-in Pedals

Speedplay Zero Stainless Pedals   Clip-in Pedals

Speedplay Zero Stainless Pedals Clip-in Pedals

These pedals provide 0-15° of adjustable free float, which can be fine-tuned to suit your riding style, pedalling motion and foot placement on the pedal. Most other pedal designs in the world of cycling allow either a pre-set amount of float or no float at all. The Speedplay Zero design enables you to optimise your performance output, your level of comfort and will dramatically reduce knee stress, which is especially noticeable on longer rides. Dual-Sided Pedals for Easy Engagement Another invaluable feature is the dual-sided entry system, which enables you to just step down on the pedal, be instantly clipped-in and ready to go. No more hassle of no engagement or looking down to get into the right position, as the cleat’s design and pedal’s shape ensure that you’ll engage quickly and safely without having to stop and think. Adjustable Positioning and Float Unlike traditional cleats, this design ensures each of the essential foot positioning adjustments can be changed individually and separately from each other. This provides precise adjustment of the cleat’s Front/Rear and side-to-side positioning individually and then you choose how much float you desire; it is the ultimate rider specific cleat adjustment setup. Anti-Slip Cleat Covers for Safe Walking These Zero pedals come with Speedplay's rubberised cleats, which provide a comfortable and safe walking platform when stepping off the bike. Should you decide to stop for a coffee break, to take a snapshot of the surrounding scenery or to fix a roadside mechanical, these cleats provide a natural footing position to ensure you are in complete control.

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