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HUUB Aegis 2 Thermal Wetsuits

HUUB Aegis 2 Thermal   Wetsuits

HUUB Aegis 2 Thermal Wetsuits

Neckline HUUB boast the most comfortable neckline in the industry, they don’t fold and stitch because they refuse to create a tourniquet of rubber to restrict breathing and flexibility. They stand differently and stand by their simple and affective design that is proven to work and athletes love. 3:5 - 3mm Upper Body Materials And 5mm Lower Body Materials 85% of triathletes come to the sport from a non-swimming background and many suffer from low sinking legs in the water as they swim. Of course the buoyancy of any wetsuit helps bring the legs up higher but never before have wetsuits been designed specifically for these swimmers with a large buoyancy difference between the upper and lower bodies. Until you swim in one of these suits you won’t believe how high your legs can be, they will feel glued to the surface and your potential as a swimmer will be truly unleashed! As HUUB designed these sophisticated high technology suits, HUUB increasingly moved away from neoprene towards new materials with properties of increased buoyancy and specified levels of stretch.

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