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Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset Wheel Sets

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset   Wheel Sets

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset Wheel Sets

The rim dimensions have not changed (30mm depth, 17mm wide) as they offer an exceptional balance between stability and aerodynamic prowess. The noticeable change visually and when riding is that the rim is made from high-end Fulcrum Twill carbon fibre. This construction dramatically increases the wheels overall stiffness and durability and to add to the this, is also features Fulcrum AC3 braking track technology for superb braking performance. Performance Increase The Racing Zero Carbon is suited to any race event. Perfectly at home on tough climbs, high-speed descents, Gran Fondo events and endurance challenges. These wheels will boost your road riding experience and increase your performance from the first pedal stroke. AC3 - All Conditions Carbon Control AC3 enables surprising braking performance, which is very noticeable in difficult weather conditions. Rather than using the traditional machined brake track approach, Fulcrum uses micro laser incisions on the brake track surface to remove resins and create a smooth surface. Lab tests have shown that this process improves braking power by an improvement of 6%. However, in the wet, this performance increase jumps to 43%. Bringing braking in the wet closer to the performance experienced when riding in dry conditions. USB (Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings) Using high-end ceramic balls, which perform continually thanks to the absence of lubricating grease and the precise machining of the cup and cone technology, the friction is reduced drastically and in turn, increases the smoothness of triathlon and road bike wheels by as much as 9 times compared to standard bearings. Advanced Carbon Rim This technology was developed by Fulcrum and is the combination of different types of carbon fibre, including unidirectional and the famous 90° 3K found on wheel models at the top of the Fulcrum range. Fulcrum developed a special HTC (high transition grade) resin, which has a glass transition point at a higher temperature than any other carbon fibre used within the bicycle industry. This provides exceptional stiffness, durability and braking performance.  

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