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Sidi Eagle 5-Fit MTB Shoe Cycling Shoes

Sidi Eagle 5-Fit MTB Shoe   Cycling Shoes

Sidi Eagle 5-Fit MTB Shoe Cycling Shoes

The Sidi Eagle 5 Fit MTB Shoes deliver typical outstanding Sidi quality, with smart systems ensuring a tweakable fit that will leave you with a tailor-made feel, allowing you to perform to the highest level. For cyclists who demand an accurate fit. Soft Instep 2The wide, curved strap of the Soft Instep Closure System combines with a thermo-formed EVA pad to distribute pressure evenly over the instep area. Sidi have made the system adjustable from either side so you can center the pad perfectly. You can replace the entire system to ensure your shoe performs to the top level even after years of wear. Caliper BuckleA micrometric closure buckle which can be adjusted by lifting up the middle. Micro adjustment is handled by pushing the center button for tooth-at-a-time movement. Easy to adjust during a race to give you the very best fit for any situation. Sidi Heel CupA reinforced heel helps hold your feet in an optimal position. The extra strength also prevents the shoe losing its shape when exposed to prolonged pressure and extreme performance, so you can ride with confidence. High Security StrapsIntegrated polymer teeth that lock in to place when you close the strap make for a more secure fit. With the strap becoming almost immovable, you can be sure of a a secure fit.

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