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Exposure Redeye Micro Rear Light

Exposure Redeye Micro Rear Light

Exposure Redeye Micro Rear Light

Designed as an affordable plug-in rear light for the Joystick or Diablo the Exposure RedEye Micro Rear Light is a must have accessory for all Joystick owners. Activate the power port and plug in the RedEye Micro directly. The LED is angled by 20degrees to avoid dazzling people behind you. When inserted to start with, the RedEye Micro emits a low light ideal for locating your light in the dark or for map reading. Double click the power button on the light and the light fires into life, and the RedEye Micro steps up to full output as a handy rear light (ideally mounted on a Joystick on the helmet).

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Exposure RedEye Micro Plug In LED Rear Bike LightExposure RedEye Micro Plug In LED Rear Bike Light [more info...]£12.28Leisure Lakes Bikes

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The Exposure RedEye Micro Rear Plug In LED Light is an extremely compact rear light which you can easily attach onto the back of your Exposure front light so you can also be seen from behind. This small LED light is compatible with the Joystick, Sirius or the Diablo front light with Smart Port Technology. This rear bike light is extremely compact, so it will fit into a jersey pocket or a saddle bag. This is useful if you ever find yourself riding in low lighting conditions. When you turn the light on it will emit a low light so it won't dazzle the people behind you but it will help to increase your visibility.Exposure RedEye Micro Rear Plug In LED Light FeaturesAttachment: Plug-in systemCompatible with: Equinox, Diablo SYNC, Diablo, Axis, Joystick, Sirius, ZenithType: Rear LED LightLength: 31.00mmHead Diameter: 12.00mm [Full Details]

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