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Weeride Safefront Childseat

Weeride Safefront Childseat

Weeride Safefront Childseat

A new seat from WeeRide for 2011. The WeeRide Safefront Childseat was tested to the highest European Standards by TUV in Germany to meet EN14344. WeeRide has always been proud of the quality of the build and safety standards of their products, and now this has been approved by the EU. The new Safefront seat has all the advantages of the original WeeRide seats. A patented bar that attaches the seat to the bike frame and therefore centralises the weight. This is unlike other front seats that attach to the handlebar stem and destabilises the bike by dangerously putting the weight on the front. suitable for ages 9months to 4 years. The Weeride Safefront Chldseat has movable enclosed footrests to ensure no dangling legs or feet. A 5 points safety strap for child security. Easily fitted within 20 minutes. Seat can be removed in seconds for solo riding. Fits to more mens and ladies bikes than any other bike seat. Fits to 99% of bikes out there as long as they are 16 frame or above. Does not fit drop handlebar bikes..

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WeeRide Safe Front Child Bike Seat, GreyWeeRide Safe Front Child Bike Seat, Grey [more info...]£89.99Chain Reaction Cycles

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Enjoy bike rides with your little one with the WeeRide bike seat where the seat is uniquely placed in front on you, allowing you to communicate easily and letting your child see the cycle view, not just your back. This seat has many high safety features including additional underneath bar straps, higher sides for child stability and weighting on the bike centre not the handlebars. As well as being extremely safe this seat is comfortable for child and has foot cup holders, so no dangling legs. [Full Details]
WeeRide Safe Front Baby Bike Seat - GreyWeeRide Safe Front Baby Bike Seat - Grey [more info...]£89.99Wiggle

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The WeeRide Safe Front Baby Bike Seat is the safest model in the company's range. Higher sides and an additional strap below the bar offer greater stability for your little one while they remain in comfort. [Full Details]

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