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Sks Sam Suspension Pump

Sks Sam Suspension Pump

Sks Sam Suspension Pump

Introducing the SKS S.A.M (Suspension Air Mechanic) Suspension Pump. This is ideal if you have air shocks on your bike, as over time your shocks will lose pressure and become softer. Keeping an eye on the pressure in your shocks is an essential. The S.A.M is capable of outputting a maximum of 315 PSi which is plenty for most shocks, It also has a clear to read pressure gauge, giving you a precise reading of what's in your shock at any given moment. The swivelling steel mesh hose is reinforced but still flexible enough to reach those valves that are tucked away. The Schrader connection is made from a 2-stage threaded connector, which in turn makes possible to un thread and remove the valve head without losing any pressure. Another great feature that this suspension pump has to offer is the pressure reduction valve which allows you to set the pressure to your desired amount. Overall this is a high quality suspension pump which can help you achieve your precise optimum pressure with ease.

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SKS S.A.M. (Suspension Air Mechanic) suspension pump is ideal for any rider, with its mini pump design. The swivelling hose connection is reinforced with a flexible steel mesh, which necessary given the maximum pressure in excess of 315PSI.The schrader connection is made with a new 2-stage threaded connector, making it possible to screw off without any loss of pressure. A pressure-reduction valve allows you to set the pressure to exactly the desired value [Full Details]

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