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Camping Los Jarales, Mijas

Camping Los Jarales
"Ctra.N-340, Km.197 Calahonda"
29650 Mijas
Tel:+34 952930003
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Camping Los Jarales Reviews

Camping Los Jarales

We left this site in March. I agree with everything written about this site. It is true that the English are a bred of 'gentleman', they lose two generations of young men defending France and then the French shit on them (Sangatte,Beef, Iraq etc.)and the englishman accept it.
Then they go to Spain where the staff at Los Jarales are just (if not more) as nasty and unpleasant to them, and still they do not complain. Fortunately most of the Spanish people are very nice, but where did they find Manola,and his two henchmen? surely some of the most unpleasant Spainish you will find.
We will not stay there again.

Sven 2004-08-02

Camping Los Jarales

I agree wholeheartedly with Dieter (previous post)as an Irishman I am used to pleasant people extending a welcome. No such thing at Los Jarales.
I think classing Manola, Salvadore and fat Paco as ignorant is a disservice to all normal ignorant people, they have mastered the art. The site is filthy (unless the owner is about to visit). No hot water in the wash hand basins or to wash the dishes, we thought perhaps a temporary glitch, but no, its permanent. Only ONE drinking water tap on the whole site worked when we were unfortunate enough to stay there last autumn. Bank holidays they would let the tenters pitch so close to your 'van you would have to step over them (even on your pitch). Could be a nice site but we won't go back again. We are told of a new site being developed near Almogia, anyone know of it?

Paul 2004-07-30

Camping Los Jarales

We just left los Jarales. While we were there an english guy paying the charge. The bill was 186? to much. He was then told a clock had been fitted to measure his electricity.He ask to see the clock reading, was refused. "If you dont like, go elsewere". When the electric box was opened for another connection, guess what? NO clock. We won't be staying there again.

Hans 2004-07-07

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