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High Creagon Caravan Site, Killin

High Creagon Caravan Site
High Creagan
FK21 8TX
Tel:01567 820449
No email address available
Lat/Long:56.485001N -4.294
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High Creagon Caravan Site Weather Forecast

Tue 18th
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 9-14°C
Wind Speed: 8Km/h
Wind Dir: NNE

Wed 19th
Overcast Clouds
Overcast Clouds

Temp: 8-18°C
Wind Speed: 14Km/h
Wind Dir: W

Thu 20th
Overcast Clouds
Overcast Clouds

Temp: 7-17°C
Wind Speed: 10Km/h
Wind Dir: W

Fri 21st
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 10-21°C
Wind Speed: 13Km/h
Wind Dir: S

Sat 22nd
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 13-21°C
Wind Speed: 11Km/h
Wind Dir: WNW

Sun 23rd
Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds

Temp: 11-19°C
Wind Speed: 13Km/h
Wind Dir: NW

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High Creagon Caravan Site Reviews

High Creagon Caravan Site 5/5 5 stars

Have been to this site many times over the years and have always enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.This is a great base for touring Perthshire and beyond. Beautiful views over loch Tay. Loads of walks near to hand. It has good facilities with helpful instructions on how to use the showers, washing machine etc. Site well maintained. Excellent dog walking area. Have always found owners strict but pleasant and helpful any time i have stayed. Would highly recommend this site if you are looking for a relaxing quiet holiday.

the happy camper 2005-08-29

High Creagon Caravan Site

We were camping on the NorthWest side of Loch Tay near Killin and chose the High Creagan campground which looked lovely with a stream going past the tent pitches and a bit of a shelter for rainy days.
The proprietors were the most unfriendly, unhelpful and sour people I have ever met while living in this lovely country. First, they rudely demanded payment immediately, before we had a chance to check the place out. Our
mistake was being afraid that the other sites would be full and so we jumped on this site because she made it sound like getting a site on short notice would be impossible anywhere else.
Anyway the campground was full of very curt signs proscribing the entire camping experience and every tap was on a meter and this couple was always running around with scowls on their faces.
There were 10 of us camping but we are all mature enough to realise that we
don't need to scream and shout and sing around a campfire to have a good time. So on the second night when everyone had arrived from Edinburgh (the first night there were only 3 of us) we were sitting underneath a corrugated iron shelter out of the rain having a few drinks and chatting relatively quietly. At about 10:30 the harridan and her husband shouted that they needed "LESS NOISE, LESS NOISE, LESS NOISE!" and the man then walked up to us and shouted a string of obscenities that I can't write here. We took
this to heart and quieted down, censoring each other if the laughter got a bit too much. About an hour later there was a bang like a shotgun over our heads and all of a sudden the man, brandishing a big stick, came around the side of the shelter telling us to "Go to bed in the next five minutes or we were oot. It's all well and good for you city folk but some people have to
wake up at 6 to clean toilets". He had banged so hard on the shelter that he made a dent and scared us all to death. At this point some of our
friends who had already gone to bed woke up because they thought someone had a gun and was threatening us. We immediately went to bed after apologising and stating that we would be leaving in the morning and writing to the tourist guides when we got home, which is what I'm doing here.
The next morning we discovered that he had woke the other campers. Apparently not one of the other campers in the site had heard us talking
before this horrible man came out and threatened us. The next day we went down the road to the next campsite that looked promising and had a delightful experience.

Don't go to this caravan park if you a group of more than 4 - I will certainly never go back to the High Creagan.

lovebee 2004-08-06

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