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National Trust Campsite, Ambleside

National Trust Campsite
Great Langdale
LA22 9JU
Tel:01539 437668
No email address available
Lat/Long:54.446999N -3.092
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National Trust Campsite Weather Forecast

Mon 27th
Moderate Rain
Moderate Rain

Temp: 9-13°C
Wind Speed: 14Km/h
Wind Dir: SW

Tue 28th
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 6-13°C
Wind Speed: 13Km/h
Wind Dir: S

Wed 29th
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 8-13°C
Wind Speed: 15Km/h
Wind Dir: W

Thu 30th
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 8-15°C
Wind Speed: 16Km/h
Wind Dir: N

Fri 31st
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 9-15°C
Wind Speed: 12Km/h
Wind Dir: N

Sat 1st
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 9-14°C
Wind Speed: 11Km/h
Wind Dir: NNE

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National Trust Campsite Reviews

National Trust Campsite

A great campsite in a great location. The facilities are pretty good, there's a fantastic atmosphere although it can get very busy at times. And after a hard day's walking over snow-covered peaks, you can't beat an evening in the Old Dungeon Ghyll just over the road!

Stevie 2006-03-31

National Trust Campsite 4/5 4 stars

A basic campsite in beautiful surroundings and excellent value. If you like roughing it, this is the site for you. It's hygienic with all the essentials with bar food only a five minute walk away. This site is camping at its best, especially if you hate screaming kids and mouthy yobbos after a cheap holiday. We highly recommend this site for hikers and cyclists.

Interhike 2005-11-03

National Trust Campsite

We?ve been to this sight many times and actually prefer it in the winter as it is a bit quieter. Great sight for outdoor enthusiasts ? immediate access to the fells (and pubs) by foot. Gets rather chaotic on sunny weekends and bank holidays - tents literally mushroom around you overnight! The warden keeps the sight tidy, clean and pleasant considering it is probably one of the busiest sights in the Lakes.

Mand 2004-08-10

National Trust Campsite

The warden was far from welcoming. In fact he was hostile, sarcastic and rude when he failed to over charge me for my group. Accusations where made as to one of my groups car being on-site when it was parked in the ODG hotel car-park all night, with that person tucked into a warm bed. Another slight was made against another female member of the group when the warden walked into the ladies toilet and shower block unanounced.
If you don't mind this behaviour from the Warden, you will enjoy you're stay on a well kept site.

dis 2004-07-07

National Trust Campsite 5/5 5 stars

Excellent site, but popular. I was there on golden jubilee weekend and saw quite a few people being turned away late at night, and it is a bit of a drive down a wiggly lane. Views are beautiful, facilities fine, walks everywhere. Definately preferable to staying nearer town. Two pubs in walking distance.

Katy 2004-06-10

National Trust Campsite

I have stayed at this site several times now and I have yet to have a problem. It's clean tidy and the outstanding beauty of the surroundings is breathtaking. You can walk in every direction and find great hillwalking. The Langdale Pikes are without doubt my most favourite place in our wonderful country.
Yours Stan

Stan 2004-06-10

National Trust Campsite

I've been to this site hundreds of times. Open all year round, the facilities are usually well kept and clean. In winter they sometimes do maintenance work so be understanding. In the summer the site can get packed and unfortunately noisy. The wardens try to keep order but are fighting a losing battle sometimes! Therefore please dont go here if you want to sing all night and play your music, go somewhere else please.
The site can and does flood in heavy rain and the is a lot of pooling of water so think about your pitch also there are a lot of stones just under the surface so you must slant your pegs....some people try to hammer them in.! Great if you want bent pegs. Well stocked shop, local weather reports, fell conditions, phone. Bus to/from Ambleside.

David 2004-06-08

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