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Llanmadoc Camping Site, Swansea

Llanmadoc Camping Site
Tel:01792 386202
No email address available
Lat/Long:51.616272N -4.24738
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Llanmadoc Camping Site Weather Forecast

Wed 1st
Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds

Temp: 7-10°C
Wind Speed: 36Km/h
Wind Dir: WNW

Thu 2nd
Overcast Clouds
Overcast Clouds

Temp: 9-10°C
Wind Speed: 29Km/h
Wind Dir: WSW

Fri 3rd
Overcast Clouds
Overcast Clouds

Temp: 9-10°C
Wind Speed: 28Km/h
Wind Dir: WSW

Sat 4th
Light Rain
Light Rain

Temp: 8-9°C
Wind Speed: 28Km/h
Wind Dir: N

Sun 5th
Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds

Temp: 4-7°C
Wind Speed: 25Km/h
Wind Dir: N

Mon 6th
Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds

Temp: 4-6°C
Wind Speed: 22Km/h
Wind Dir: ESE

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Llanmadoc Camping Site Reviews

Llanmadoc Camping Site 4/5 4 stars

my partner and i have just returned from this site i have been there for the last 3yrs my partner has been going there since he was a boy. we love it there the young girl on the gate is pleasant mike in the shop is a good laugh. the facilities have improved greatly . and as for the owner mrs price her antics only add to the fun we love the stories we exchange with other campers we meet that go back year after year.its extemly beautiful there and shouldnt be missed .and if mrs price is rude to you it means she likes you as she treats everyone the same lol nice & tidy bouyo i wouldnt lie to you

paula 2009-04-08

Llanmadoc Camping Site 2/5 2 stars

I felt that we'd been through a terrible earthquake and these were the only facilities loo hot water to wash up in unless you paid extra...50p for a cup...showers built in old milking soap...a shop that look like it'd been abusive owner that shouted at everyone...he only saving grace was the beach and location...and fortunately good friends...good luck if you need to pitch up here as a last resort

Tracey 2009-04-08

Llanmadoc Camping Site 5/5 5 stars

I have been coming to this site for nearly twenty years and have had very few problems with the site or the owners. I stayed for a week in May with my children. The site has improved dramatically. The shower and toilet block has been redecorated and new cleaners have been hired to do a good job, the shop has been taken over and the girl on the gate was lovely,greeting me with a smile. The site is peaceful and has brilliant views, perfect for couples with young children. Mrs. Price can come off very strict but it is definitely worth it because there is never any noise after 10. I'll be back again in the summer for sure

Jane 2008-06-09

Llanmadoc Camping Site

Having been to Llanmadoc camp site before and enjoyed the fastastic location, we thought we would venture back despite the bad press of the owner. WHAT A MISTAKE! The site is still in a fantastic location but the welcolme and treatment that you get from the evil old owner takes away any plus points. It is clear the she has done absolutely nothing the look after the facilities. The showers were cobweb and insect infected (we went without), No loo paper is now provided because people drop it on the floor?!, the grass hadn't been cut and was constently wet(foot rot was setting in)and the path to the beach was so overgrown that a machete would have been useful. Never again especially at the prices charged and I would urge anyone else to look for somewhere else.

johnnie 2005-08-12

Llanmadoc Camping Site

It is a lovely location, but the owners are awful and some of the facilities are lacking. Trying to remain objective I will list my problems with the place. You can only have showers in the evening, they dont let you out until 9am, they wont take bookings till 10.30am, they dont provide any toilet roll or soap, the bread I bought in the shop was mouldy (perhaps I was unlucky), they wont let visitors on to the site that arent camping there, they refused entry to my brother because they dont like single men, and they are homophobic. The owner drives round the site in the mornings in a jeep yelling at each pitch for some minor problem. My favourite high pitched yell was "Oi I want a fiver for that gazebo" to some poor dutch family with a camper van who had just got up. I will never go back. If other sites are full and its late, camp on the moor and go somewhere else in the morning. The only down point on what was a lovely weekend.

Andy R 2005-08-12

Llanmadoc Camping Site

My family live reasonably locally and visit this site regularly - my husband used to holiday there as a child. Although basic and run on very strict guidelines the views and peacefulness of the place is wonderful. I am glad that Mrs Price keeps a keen eye on her site because it protects those of us who just want some peace and quiet. This site is always our first choice but I think Mrs Price realises when she is taking the overflow from Hillend and acts accordingly. Having said this I agree that the shower and toilet facilities could be upgraded.

Cynic1 2005-08-12

Llanmadoc Camping Site

I have visited this site on many occasions and only kept going back because of the beautiful setting.
The owner assumes you are there to cause trouble if you are not a couple or family.
The facilities are the very basic and limited to showers (at set times) toilets and maybe some hot water.
The location is fantastic with the sprawling beach just secs away.

billy 2005-05-20

Llanmadoc Camping Site

I've stayed at this campsite 4 or 5 times over the past 10 years. I only go back because of the location: the owner is a rude, obnoxious simpleton who deserves no business at all. Only go if you're prepared to be treated like a naughty child, as most other reviewers have found.

She's fanatical about leaving the site on time each day so be careful if you leave your care in the adjacent car park; she'll lock you in if she decides to leave early. We had a narrow escape last year - 15 minutes before it was due to close, the gate was locked and she was leaving. We just caught her and were subjected to a torrent of abuse before she let us out.

I've had enough. Wonderful spot or not, I'm not going back.

jonny 2004-08-05

Llanmadoc Camping Site

I would agree with the negative comments above. The owner was rude to us too. We didn't manage to get a shower at all because they were locked even when they should have been open. We were told where to pitch too, in a virtually empty field.
She really doesn't deserve any trade at all, I laugh every time I see the TV advert for the warm welcome in Wales....not at this campsite!!
Shame, it is in a beautiful location.

Jay 2004-06-22

Llanmadoc Camping Site

My partner and I tried to go to Hillend for the bank holiday weekend and found it was full so went to Llanmadoc. We arrived at about 8.30pm and with an 18 month old baby who had been in the car for four hours were quite keen to get our tent pitched. We were told by the owner that she was going for a tea break and when we asked if she could just check us in before she went because of the baby she said 'If you don't like it go somewhere else". What a charming welcome! She also had a list of rules and regulations - the gates were locked every night and didn't open until 9am.

We had other groups of friends coming and it seemed that she chose randomly who she would and wouldn't let in. She's a miserable rottweiler but unfortunately she's got a very beautiful campsite!

After such a rude 'welcome' we were pleased when our other friends managed to get past the security for nothing!

jasmine 2004-06-10

Llanmadoc Camping Site

This weekend I thought I would take my niece camping down the Gower peninsula. I initially tried getting to Hillend but it was already full by 09:30 Saturday morning.

Whether this gets brought to anyones attention I really would be surprised but the 'welcome' I received from the gate-keeper when I drove into the campsite was disgusting. She literally screamed at me to stop my car and get out as I had not asked permission to enter. When I entered her office she carried on the tirade and only stopped to tell me it was £10 a night - with no facilities and there "...maybe some hot water, but sometimes there's none."

Then she spotted my colleagues from work parking behind me (who were both well over 30 like myself) and shouted to them that no men were allowed entry without femail partners because "..we (men) were all trouble-makers and they (men) usually get drunk and cause trouble!"

After pushing me for a quick answer because she didn't care less (her words) if we stayed or not I told her rather loudly that she could keep her stinking little campsite and stuff it up her arse with her attitude.

Welcome to Britain! It's a bloody disgrace!

Chris 2004-06-10

Llanmadoc Camping Site

I visited Llanmadoc camping site two years ago and I had such a lovely time and was treated so kindly by the very hospitable owners that I returned last summer for another stay and will definitely do so in the future.
The campsite is situated on the foreshore of Broughton Bay and it is lovely to be able to here the waves breaking when you wake up in the morning.

The facilities were comfortable and clean, and I found the campsite staff to be extremely helpful.

R Bagot 2004-06-08

Llanmadoc Camping Site 5/5 5 stars

A basic, gentle sloping site with little shelter from the wind.
There is a site shop that sells all the basics you may need.
If you want a shower, you can only use them between certain times, this is very frustrating as men and women have different times and its hard for couplesfamilies to get ready together.
Excellent access to a nice sandy beach, but a bit remote.
The local pub is almost 1.5 miles away, but well worth a visit.
Access to the site is via country lanes and is very narrow in places. When travelling there we went via M4 Junction 42 Swansea, probably not a good move, it was an easier drive when coming home by using Junction 47 of the M4.
Would I go back there? probably not, but it was ok for a short visit.
Please feel free to e-mail me at if you require more details.

Steve C 2004-06-08

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