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Introducing the Camelbak Spare Pureflow Tubing, designed to keep your hydration tasting fresh! Hydration is a necessary part of your performance, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good, this Camelbak Accessory has been cultivated to deliver fresh-tasting water whether you’ve been riding for eight minutes or eight hours. The 38.5 tube length is perfect for your pursuits and provides versatility so you can have your hydration any way you like. Crafted from carefully selected material, the Pureflow is highly durable and easy to care for, ensuring a hygienic and refreshing performance every time. The specially developed multi-layered design works to freshen up hydration for superior replenishment. Camelbak are so confident in this product that they have thrown in a lifetime guarantee. Make the most of your hydration with the Camelbak Spare Pureflow Tubing! Camelbak Spare Pureflow Tubing Features Multi-layered design Tube Length: 38.5 in (978 mm) Lifetime guarantee Keeps hydration tasting fresh, even over long periods of time [Full Details]
CamelbakReservoir Cleaning Brush Kitworks with all reservoirs, includes reservoir brush and tube brush. [Full Details]

Hydration Rucksacks Buyers Guide

Hydration rucksacks come in many varieties. Some, just provide a small compartment for a drinks bladder and nothing else. Others also provide addditional storage space for other items, such as food, maps, etc.

However, others are a complete rucksack in themselves with a small section devoted to the drinks bladder.

Because of this, you should carefully consider your requirements before choosing a hydration rucksack. Will you need to carry anything else at all? And if so, how much? Will you need to take a good quantity of food or will you just be stopping off at restaurants and cafes if you get hungry while you are out?

This category also contains all of the accessories and replacement parts for hydration rucksacks, so if you can't see the complete units on the first page, click through to the subsequent pages.


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