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Dalbello’s Panterra 100 is a great all mountain choice for intermediate and lighter advanced skiers. The hike mode provides 50o of articulation for ascending or just getting around town; GripWalk soles improve walking. The Power Cage saves weight over previous models without dropping any performance; Cabrio design ensures a smooth flex and consistent contact with the tongue and shin, as well as easy entry and exit. Personalisation comes via the custom fitting of the MyFit shell, IF Performer liner plus the twin canting and variable ramp angle. Alpine soles are provided in the box.Ability LevelOverviewFitA medium to high volume fit all over, cabrio construction gives some flexiblity for height over the instep. Shell Irfran shell and cuff with PU tongue, mouldable. Dalbello's unique Cabrio construction combines a boot shell/boot cuff assembly with an external Kinetic Response Tongue closure which enables a progressive power transmission and great shock absorption. Furthermore, a smooth flex and a dynamic rebound are characteristic of the Cabrio Construction. This design also allows for an effective Hike & Ride feature, as the burly cuff lock mechanism frees the upper cuff from the lower shell a long range of motion for functional hiking and climbing is guaranteed. The Powercage design and milled outer shell result in optimum power distribution across the entire boot and reduce the weight without compromising on stabilityLinerIF Performer Liner, mouldable. IF means Instant Fit and stands exactly for this - instant fit at the very first step in. 60% of this high-performance fitting liner can be thermo formed in four minutes only. The special 8mm medium density of Ultralon foam cushions the foot as great as it supports the power transmission. Pe upper provides support and the neoprene toe box improves comfort.Key FeaturesGripWalk SolesWalking in ski boots always was difficult and somehow dangerous. GripWalk is the revolutionary sole-binding innovation that provides much better walking comfort and improved grip. GripWalk soles with rocker profile are completely covered with a high friction material for better grip on any surface. Integrated anti friction bars enable a very direct and effective power transmission to the binding.Dynalink Heel Retention SystemThe Dynalink heel retention is an independently functioning heel / instep closure assembly which minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and boot shell distortion during the flex effectively.Low Cuff Hinge PointThe Panterra uses a high leverage cuff assembly with hinge points mounted lower than standard construction boot designs. The Low Hinging Cuff permits the boot cuff to more easily follow the natural anatomic movement of the skier’s legs because it has a longer range of forward and rearward hinging motion. For more efficient walking and gliding. Increased power and control with less energy.Variable Volume Fit Shell Fitexclusive to Dalbello. Developed to permit skiers to regulate overall boot width from a range of 102 to 100 mm. Set it, and forget it. Once VVF has been set, Panterra models may be skied, put on and taken off using remaining 3 buckles.Inverted Forefoot BuckleThe forefoot closure buckle is inverted to close on top of the boot shell, not on the side. The top closure positioning prevents buckle breakage and bending.Variable Ramp AngleAdding the variable ramp angle Shim under the footboard changes the ramp angle from 3 to 4 degrees. This gives the skier the ability to find the optimum ramp angle for balance and performance.SpecificationCategory: AlpineFlex: 100Last Width: 100-102Custom Shell: YesCustom Liner: YesPower Strap: 40mmVolume: Medium-HighClips: n/aSole Unit: Grip Walk (ISO 9523)Pin Inserts: NoHike Mode: YesWeight (g): 1920Binding Compatibility: Alpine, Grip Walk, Multi Norm [Full Details]

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